One World, One Love, One Sound – One World Glendower!

IMGP5680The One World Glendower crew’s CD launch on March 14th was a resounding success! Program Coordinator Bandana Singh has this to say about the launch party:

“One World, One Love, One Sound together in unison.” I can’t stop hearing those words in my head when I think of that night. Those are the lyrics to the One World Glendower theme song – a collaboration between many of the young participants. 





The One World crew had been rehearsing for weeks and boy did it pay off – the performances were all absolutely stellar musically and wickedly entertaining.  The audience couldn’t believe that for some of our youth this was their very first public performance! They were further astounded by the fact that a community based arts program was able to support the youth and work with them to put on such a professional show.


And the love just kept on flowing after the show! An audience member messaged me on Facebook the very next next day to tell me how moved she was by the performance, the program and the potential for the changes the program inspires. She’s now a hardcore One World supporter! I’ve also been receiving text messages and emails from the youth – they are so hyped for the next phase!”

Thanks Bandana, and congrats to you, program co-facilitator Francois Brown and of course all the talented youth. You’re an inspiration to us all! 


The One World Glendower story doesn’t end here :

  • check out the One World Glendower blog to keep up on the latest with the crew 
  • give us a shout at Art Starts (416-656-9994) to order their CD for only $5
  • peep photos from the event and recording sessions here

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