Our Artists

Art Starts is committed to working with professional artists in all sorts of artistic disciplines – music, dance, dramatic arts, photography and video game design, just to name a few! Below you will find bios for some of the amazing artists who are currently working with us to create accessible and dynamic arts projects in each of our collaborating communities.



Nicole Brayshaw Bond

Screen printer, doodler and painter

Nicole Brayshaw Bond is a self-taught screen printer, doodler and painter who believes that art is a vehicle for social change, and that is reflected in all facets of her practice. She works with children and adults at Artheart in Regent Park, an organization dedicated to providing marginalized individuals with avenues for creativity and community in a safe and non-judgemental space. She helps participants feel heard and cared for by teaching them to develop the confidence to express themselves. Nicole loves sharing her passion with others as she believes that the best artistic community is as warm and inclusive as possible, and that access to programs and supplies is essential to a kinder, more decent world.


Tereka Tyler-Davis

Dance/Performance Arts

Tereka Tyler-Davis started her arts training in acting at Lorraine Kimsa’s Theatre for Young People at age 6. She continued in Ballet, Traditional Folk Forms (West African and Afro Caribbean), Graham & Horton Technique as well as Jazz and Hip Hop at Children & Youth Dance Theatre of Toronto. She has represented CYDT in 2007 & 2012 IABD Showcase in Toronto, The Harry Jerome Awards, and was a featured soloist at DaCi Conference in Kingston, Jamaica. She has also had the opportunity to work as a company dancer with Kevin Ormsby in Kashedance’s showcase “In SEACRH of OURselves” & “Marley 4/4”, Dance Immersion ‘s “TRIBUTE” and study with Patrick Parson, Gabby Kamino, and Milton Myers in Ballet Creole’s Summer Intensive. After studying Theatre Performance at Humber College and focusing on teaching she once again pursued dance. This is her 3rd season with Kashedance where she has most recently worked in-residence with Kevin Ormsby and Chris Walker’s Facing Home:Love and Redemption at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and on tour in Kingston, Jamaica for Jamaica Dance Umbrella. She continues to seek enriching dance experiences and also currently working with DanzaCorpus, Ronald Taylor Dance and Wind In The Leaves Collective. She is an advocate for arts education for youth and had given back to non-profit arts programming including DAREArts and Children and Youth Dance Theatre.


Anthony Guerra

Choreographer/Dancer/Dance Elder

Hon. Dr. Anthony Guerra aka Prime has directed and choreographed numerous productions on local and international levels. His profound knowledge of dance, the origins of dance and the African contribution to many of today’s dance forms has made him highly sought after by many educational institutions, corporations, and by other artists in dance, theatre and film. Prime’s cultural dance research has brought rare, (traditional) Afro-Caribbean dances and historical information to light; and his original “Prime Dance” philosophy stating: “Form, Feeling, Meaning bring forth Form, Feeling, Healing” has uncovered the healing and spiritual aspects of dance at its most primal essence.

 Gautam Narang

Gautam Narang

Photographer and Videographer

Gautam Narang was born in London, United Kingdom, and creates films and photos. His photographic work has been published by National Geographic and photography work has been exhibited at St. Petersburg Arts Centre, Arts Mind (London,England) as well as in India.

He has a subtle minimalistic approach to his work and loves to tell stories through images and video. He is available for commission for both photo and video work. Gautam worked can be viewed online at http://www.flipeye.com