Art Starts + the Ozery Family: A Beautiful Partnership.

By Tamara Haberman
Art Starts Director of Development & Finance

Breakfast Pitas Apple CinnamonFor four years Pita Break snacks have been filling the hungry bellies of Art Starts participants. The Ozery family has generously and abundantly donated their delicious, wholesome Morning Rounds to Art Starts, and our children and youth, city-wide, have enjoyed every bite. (Cranberry Orange is a favourite!)

The first time I went to Ozery Bakery to pick up pitas I was flabbergasted – totally overwhelmed actually – by the incredible painting that greeted me. The receptionist explained that Pamela Ozery, wife of founder Al Ozery, was the artist. A few minutes later, Alon (Al and Pamela’s son), kindly escorted me to Pam’s studio, right there in the bakery.

I found myself amongst at least 100 of Pamela’s paintings, from Modernist Figurative works to Expressive Abstracts: complex, evocative and sophisticated works of fine art. This gave a whole new meaning to the term “artisanal breads”!

Time passed. The Ozery family’s dedication and support continued – through food donations, event visits and by directing donations to Art Starts.Picture Ozery Painting

Sadly and suddenly, Pamela passed away in December 2012. “Her brushes sit untouched…no more to paint with her hand. Her love carries on from one generation to another, unblemished, pure and dearly missed” ~ Nancy Peressotti

And so the Ozery family was left with a beautiful legacy: Pamela’s paintings. After distributing some to family and friends Al, Alon and Guy Ozery visited Art Starts on a quest to honour Pamela’s life and her art, to support the arts and help people in need. Through the sale of Pam’s paintings, the Ozery family and Art Starts will nurture resiliency, cultivate personal growth and inspire social change in Toronto’s under-served neighbourhoods.

Please join us for an unforgettable evening in celebration of the art and life of Pamela Ozery.