Oakwood & Eglinton

Oakwood & Eglinton has been a home base to Art Starts since 1992. By partnering with every conceivable local group/organization/business, etc. during our 18-year existence we have cultivated and firmly implanted the idea that the arts should be a part of life in this community.
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In 2007 Art Starts received a four year Trillium grant to implement creative programs at ‘Dower, an underserved neighbourhood at Finch and Birchmount. Art Starts programming responds to community needs and interests while training local residents to take ownership of and responsibility for the programming. We have created a myriad of arts, music and dance programs at Glendower.
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In 2007, at the request of local residents,
the Children’s Aid Society and former trustee Adventure Place, Art Starts began programming at the Villawayz Arts Studio. Villawayz is a neighbourhood with absolutely no access to community resources. Art Starts provides essential programming, teaching life and leadership skills while developing the creative capacities of to the spirited children and youth of Villawayz.
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Art Starts City-Wide

Art Starts also offers specialized programs in other neglected corners of the city. By facilitating programs in neutral spaces, we are able to bridge communities that may not otherwise find themselves working together. One of our ultimate goals is to connect youth across Toronto in order to help facilitate a strong network of inspired community art enthusiasts who can continue to challenge the boundaries of art-making in a community context.
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Lawrence Heights & Neptune

Art Starts began programing in the Lawrence Heights and Neptune communities starting in February 2010. Beginning with the SuperNova Arts program and expanding to include our new youth program The Element we are building a strong relationship with the community in our most recent site.
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