In 2007 Art Starts received a four-year Trillium grant to implement creative programs at Glendower, an underserved neighbourhood at Finch and Birchmount. Art Starts responded to community needs and interests while training local residents to take ownership of and responsibility for the programming. There a myriad of arts, music and dance programswere created collaboratively. From the resident led Arts Council to Getting’ Down with Dower – a youth led hip hop dance crew – what continues to set Steeles-L’Amoureaux area programs apart is the dedication and commitment of its residents.


1.Art Starts was invited to begin collaborating with Glendower residents in 2006 and we have been there ever since.

2.Our largest project to date is a mosaic project that was 7-years in the making. The Glendower Basketball Mosaic transformed the neighbourhood’s primary public space from a site of tension and strife to a source of community unity and pride.

3. Art Starts mentored independent groups of youth in the design, development and funding of their own programs: One World: Glendower Music Program, 2008-20012 and Swagg Skills Dance Program, 2010-12)

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