Lawrence Heights


Art Starts began programming in the Neptune community in February 2010, beginning with the SuperNova Arts and expanding to include a new youth program named The Element, run out of the Yorkdale Community Arts Centre. Today while SuperNova is committed to ongoing, robust consistent programming on Neptune Drive, the Element continues to grow and reach out the larger Lawrence Heights community. We are building a strong relationship with the community in our most recent site and working in collaboration with a variety of organization to foster unity, build resilience and continue to share the incredible creativity and ingenuity of Lawrence Heights and Neptune.


1. Art Starts was invited by residents, local agencies and the former City Councillor Howard Moscoe to begin programming Lawrence Heights in 2010 and we have been there ever since.

2. We have worked with residents on two youth-led public murals that are much-loved by the community: The Love or Love mural at the Ranee underpass and the Limitless Heights mural on the walls of the Lawrence Heights Community Centre.

3. Art Starts is a proud member of the Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network, an active group of local agencies and resident initiatives.

4. Lawrence Heights is in the midst of a 20-year Toronto Community Housing Revitalization project.

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