Oakwood/Eglinton has been a home base to Art Starts since 1992. By partnering with varied local groups from community organizations to libraries and businesses we have cultivated and continue to foster the wild idea that the arts not only reflect but also shape our community life. From the Demolition House where we turned an abandoned, boarded up house into a kingdom of awesome, to a long running World Drumming series, to Settin’ Stone where residents worked with dub poetry artist d’bi young and visual artist Lois Dellert to create cement tiles permanently installed on planter boxes as a collaborative community poem, Art Starts’ commitment to the neighbourhood is visible on every corner!


1. Art Starts was born in this neighbourhood as Toronto’s first storefront neighbourhood cultural centre in 1992.

2. Though we no longer have a storefront we program in a variety of community spaces including the Oakwood Village Library, Maria A Shchuka Library, Gabian Way Apartments and more.

3. Art Starts has created several community engaged public art projects in the Eglinton/Oakwood neighbourhood including: the Community Totem (2000, Cy Townsend Park), the Belvidere Mosaic (2007, Belvedere Ave @ Oakwood), Settin’ Stone, 2008, Eglinton Photo Planter Project (2012, Eglinton & Northcliffe)

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