Our Staff

Liz Forsberg – Managing Director

Liz had spent a decade working in community-engaged arts before joining Art Starts in 2009.
Trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist she began developing and facilitating programming
in group homes, treatment centres and women’s shelters. After receiving a Master’s degree
in Environmental Studies she began working as a community artist with such groups as the
Art Gallery of York University, Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club, and the Toronto Public
Space Committee. As a musician Liz has recorded and performed with acclaimed bands
The Hidden Cameras, Royal City and The Phonemes. Her writing has appeared in the
publications “The State of the Arts: Living with Culture in Toronto” and “GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto”.

Tamara Haberman Director of Development and Finance

Tamara is a textile artist with more than seventeen years of experience in the art community.
Her extensive work in arts administration has given her an in-depth knowledge of
community art and organizations. Tamara has worked as artist, project manager, general
manager and grants officer at both the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Councils.
In her independent artistic practice Tamara creates unconventional fibre-based work,
sculptural basketry, wands and wall pieces.

Katherine Earl – Program Director

Katherine is passionate about art and community development. She is a multi-media artist, community animator and certified teacher. Her experience in management and teaching combined with 8 years of front line work in the non profit arts sector contribute to her broad understanding of how the arts can evolve our city socially, intellectually and economically. Katherine’s artwork explores themes of place, identity and notions of “home”. Her personal art practice is greatly inspired by her work with communities. Katherine has a BFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design and a B.Ed from York University.

Myra Leibu – Special Projects Manager

Myra completed a BFA in Visual Arts and continues exploring themes around identity
and resilience in her practice. She has been working in marginalized communities
and with at-risk-youth for many years. She is dedicated to a grassroots approach
where positive and sustainable programming stems from a collaborative approach,
committed to the specificity of place and representative integrity. After completing
an MEd she moved to New York City and taught art in public school. She knows how
definitively the arts function as a means of engagement and as a mode of empowerment.

Kim Dayman Administrations & Communications Manager

Kim has been working and thriving at in the arts for over a decade. Starting
her career working in art galleries as a visual arts instructor she has worked all over the
GTA with various non-profit art organizations as an instructor, programmer and arts
administrator. Having graduated with a BFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design
Kim continues her art practice working and exhibiting with the Inprint Collective. She is
happy to be a part of the Art Starts family and will continue working towards increased
community arts development in the city of Toronto.

Mario Murray Events & Marketing Coordinator

A native of St. Lucia, West Indies, Mario moved to Canada in late 1998 already an award winning dancer and choreographer. Understanding that success in marketing begins with a great product, he continued to produce work as multi-disciplinary artist and event organizer. His talents eventually landed him a gig at arts based non-profit Beatz to da Streetz where he rose through the ranks, helped fill event venues and produced high quality meaningful musical compilations with transient and marginalized youth. His independent company Guerrilla Media has become a staple in the consulting, marketing and promotion of independent artists in Toronto and he brings the brand building approach from his private sector exploits into his work at Art Starts.

Charlene Drakes – Office Coordinator

Charlene joins the Arts Starts team with a background in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising and considers herself the “behind the scenes kind of girl.” Although she is not technically an “artist” she is always surrounded by some. She is passionate about life, creativity and community. You’ll find her in the city at various community events, organizing photo shoots, producing videos or here in the Art Starts office as our go to girl.

Ocheann Innis-Grierson – Program Administrator

Ocheann Innis-Grierson is a down to earth person who enjoys giving people the opportunity to make a difference. She’s a recent graduate of the Social Services program at Humber College. Along with a love for community development work, she brings experience from Regent Park, Jane & Finch and the Weston Mount Dennis neighbourhoods.  Ocheann hopes to continue to grow in the community development field and sees Art Starts as a great place to do so.

Organizational Chart

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