March 6th Newsletter

Program Spotlight  on Sew What?!

For our winter session of our ever popular fashion arts program, a group of enthusiastic Art Starts youth will learn the all important skills of pattern drafting from professional drafter Matthew Visser-Charest. Program Manager Carleen  can’t stress enough the importance of learning to draft patterns if the youth are looking for a design career in the fashion industry.

“Pattern drafting is key,” emphasizes Carleen, “and a real skill requiring precision.” The training the youth will receive will clearly map out the building skill necessary to make a pattern and construct their own top. The lessons will focus on attention to detail such as measuring arms bent as opposed to straight. “The kids asked why do we have to measure arms bent?” says Carleen, who is excited about the ongoing program “because no one walks with their arms straight” she tells the youth, teaching them how important the details really are. These are the valuable skills the Sew What?! training offer our youth in preparation for professional study and practice.

As classes get into full swing the Art Starts program, now in it’s third year, continues with a strong stride having notable moments such as an inspiring workshop lead by esteemed fashion model Stacey McKenzie. For more on our Sew What?! program check out them out in Yonge Street Media’s Civic Impact column or keep up to date with them on their youth-lead tumblr blog.

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