The Element!

We really appreciate the hard work of Ryerson students Talia Ricci, Tatomme Flanagan & Dustin Pollak for making this great video about our program The Element based out of the Yorkdale Commity Arts Centre for the youth in the Lawrence Heights/Neptune neighbourhood. Take a look at how this program has been so successful and come to the final showcase on July 2nd!


A poem for Art Starts

Last month we came across an opportunity on the Culture Days website that was just too good to pass up. A poem written by the staff, participants or volunteers of your non-profit organization with a chance to win TONS of great prizes! We put out the call to all our talented friends and submitted this inspired poem by our very own Paulina O’Kieffe.

I can’t help but to smile at all the colors that jump off the concrete jungle of this city.
Created by the hands of those who never even suspected they were artists themselves
but through art have inserted themselves into the living breathing canvass that is Toronto.


Creative communities through artistic expression, intersecting intergenerations
the legacy building we support through art.